Our Learning Model.

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Our Learning Model is Made up of Six Key Elements.

Our Learning Model is what you can expect to see happening in our classroom every day. It is the ‘how’ to our ‘why’ and focuses on growing children’s dispositions (like concentration, resilience, friendship) as well as developing their working theories (ideas, thoughts) about the world.


Wonder of Inquiry.

Our Inquiry model places an emphasis on children’s thinking, ideas and emerging interest. Inquiries may last a few days or last many months and take on unexpected directions. Every year we also have an overarching inquiry that all our learning studios partake in. At the end a visual exhibition is held to celebrate the learning that has occurred. We encourage all members of our learning community to visit and reflect on the inquiry. As a parent you will be personally invited to the exhibition.


Wonder of Nature.

We believe that nature provides the richest playground for children. Our centre’s are filled with natural materials, as well as carefully designed natural playscapes. To further encourage children's exploration of nature, House of Wonder runs a dedicated Nature Programme where children regularly visit nearby forests, to walk and explore the natural world. .


Wonder of Kindness.

We believe in children’s ability and desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Our teachers model giving, generosity, empathy and service to others, and are constantly seeking opportunities for children to observe and participate in acts of Kindness.


Wonder of Materials.

During our programmes children are exposed to large range of open-ended materials. Children develop proficiencies and unique relationships with materials ranging from clay, to wire to a range of recycled materials. Using these materials they learn how to express their thoughts, tell their stories and build co-operative relationships with others.


Wonder of Presence.

All our Educators strive to be consciously in the moment with children. As a team we value mindful teaching; this allows us to capture and experience the wonder of childhood alongside our children. Many of our learning studios participate in yoga for children and adults and we encourage Digital Detox Fridays in all our centres.


Wonder of Connection.

In a world where we often live past one another, we focus on slowing down and making meaningful connections with our children and families. Through our Emotional Intelligence programme we role model and create a culture of positive connection where we all; children included, learn how to build authentic relationships with one another

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